A pension is a method of putting money aside for retirement. This is very often one of the biggest investments most people make. Because retirement can last for 20, 30 years or even longer it is important to understand what pensions you may have and how they build up a retirement income.

If you have an occupational pension, the benefits provided at retirement are based either on a) your years of service and earning or; b) how much is paid in and how the chosen investment performs.

Your retirement income is therefore particular to you and you should review your situation carefully to ensure that what you have in store is sufficient for retirement. This is especially important if your pension scheme relies on an investment, which can fall as well as rise. Gibraltar offers a number of QROPS providers to choose from including:

  • Packaged QROPS products utilising our own in-house life assurance company (STM Life)
  • QNUPS – available to UK or non-UK residents
  • Occupational Pension Schemes within Gibraltar

Here at Property Promise we work closely with a number of providers which have been established numerous years and have built up a strong reputation. Please see links below:

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