About Property Promise

If like many people out there you are concerned about moving home in this unprecedented time, whether locally or via expatriation, then look no further. Here at Property Promise, we are dedicated to helping people move home and settle in as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Property Promise was established after husband and wife Hayley and Trevor Saker saw a gap in the market. Having relocated from the UK to Gibraltar themselves, they saw an opportunity to grow a business as specialists in relocating, alleviating perceived pressures of expatriation and moving home.

Now employing a team of knowledgeable professionals, we are continually providing relocation services to clients in both Gibraltar and Spain (Costa Del Sol). Our fantastic consultants have all been inspired by their own personal experiences of expatriation from the UK, using this knowledge to build Property Promise into the brand we see today.

Our Team

Hayley Saker

CEO & Co-Founder of Property Promise
+34 711 00 69 06

Hayley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Property Promise, a venture she cherishes for its pursuit in providing amazing results for clients and a happy workplace for employees. Prior to founding Property Promise, Hayley completed her BA (Hons) degree in Business & Marketing, achieving a reputable first-class result. Bringing both vocational and educational qualifications to the business, Hayley takes on both a hands-on approach and a business development role as well as overseeing the day-to-day running of the organisation, ensuring that Property Promise lives up to her high expectations and business goals.


Trevor Saker

CEO & Co-Founder of Property Promise
+34 711 00 99 70

Trevor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Property Promise. His drive and persistence in providing excellence shines through in his work ethic and friendly personality. Trevor is dedicated in becoming the largest and most exceptional provider in the property industry, utilising his extensive business and leadership experience to achieve his ambitions.

Jack Beaumont

Marketing & Communications Officer
+44 7310 134 640

Jack is our Marketing & Communications Officer for both Property Promise and the Purple Chilli Recruitment brand respectively. Prior to this role, he pursued a BA (Hons) Degree in International Business, achieving a respectable First-Class result. He takes both pride and passion in all his work, executing the marketing activities of the business to the best of his ability, in his pursuit to grow both brands as reputable as possible.


Max Anderson

Senior Property Consultant
+34 711 01 36 82

Max is the Senior Property Consultant for Property Promise. He holds an incredible level of passion for the property industry, after moving to Gibraltar from the UK. He has an extensive understanding of property investments in Gibraltar which is diversifying across multi-national markets. Max also thoroughly enjoys helping first-time buyers in their important purchase and is continually dedicated towards providing clients the best service he can offer, easing the struggles of property search.


Paul Collins

Senior Recruitment Consultant
+44 7725 466368

Paul is the Senior Recruitment Consultant for our recruitment service Purple Chilli Recruitment. Possessing over 10 years’ experience as an Executive Recruitment Consultant and Business Development Manager for leading organisations within their respective industries, Paul is well versed in recruitment and takes pride in his ability to offer exceptional recruitment services. His ability to build strong relationships is exponential to the success of the brand, and his drive and passion further enhances this.

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