Education in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Government provides free, full-time, compulsory education for children who are legal residents of Gibraltar.

Formal education in first schools begins at the commencement of the Autumn term each year, therefore children who will turn 5 during the academic year are enrolled at the start of each academic year.

The local schools follow the English Curriculum, they are co-educational and English is the language of instruction. Spanish is introduced formally as a subject in year 4.

Secondary school offers children a range of GCSE's, and each child undertakes their preferred options at the start of Year 10. Children who have been a resident in Gibraltar for five years or more can access the FREE University placement scheme.

Gibraltar has many school options for our children, there is one special needs school for children age 3-18, one private primary school, one private secondary school, several private nursery schools and eleven government primary schools, which are lower and middle schools for children age 4-11.

To speak to the education department you can get in contact with them by telephone, email and alternatively browse their website at:

Telephone: +350 20077486
Telephone: +350 20078638
Fax: +350 20071564
E-mail: [email protected]

To apply to enroll your child you can also click the link below to download the application form and hand in or email it to the email address provided above.

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